Technological innovation for seed selection

DRAFT APPROVED BY DETERMINATION Num. 3097 dated 02/03/2017

The project, pertaining to the seed sector, involves investment in a state-of-the-art beet and coriander seed cleaning plant equipped with the best technology currently available on the market.

In order to improve the seed processing and cleaning stage, the latest generation plant is able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire production process. The new plant will process 3 different types of seeds, such as chard, cilantro, and chicory, varieties that Tera Seeds is unable to process with current equipment. Modern technology will make it possible to process more seed, with an estimated total of about 790 tons.

In the specific case, the seed cleaning and sorting plant consists of a Delta Super universal sorter, from supplier Cimbria Heid Italia S.R.L., with a capacity of 5 T/h, equipped with an innovative densimetric separation system for the product, a spirometer designed to achieve maximum results in the selection and cleaning of the seed from large impurities, a battery of honeycombed cylinders to separate different seeds in relation to their length, and a densimetric table to separate seeds on the basis of different specific weights. The plant is also equipped with a centralized dust extraction and abatement system, and the electrical panel needed to operate and control the plant.

The main benefit brought by the new plant is a reduction in processing waste by 10-15%, mainly due to greater accuracy in the seed selection stage. Overall, the facility provides Tera Seeds with higher seed quality and reduced processing time, which will allow for increased contracts especially with foreign counterparts.

In total, the resources required for the implementation of the investment plan amount to 394,530.00 euros.


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